Tub and Shower UnitWhen you come into May Supply’s showroom to purchase a bathtub or shower, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is on the finish of the tub: Acrylic vs Gelcoat?
There are many differences between the two finishes, including construction, warranty, and thickness.  While the Gelcoat units have a strong, durable finish, the Acrylic units are less porous, glossier, and easier to clean.  If you’ve ever seen a tub that looks dingy after years of use, that tub, most likely, has a Gelcoat finish.  The Acrylic will look newer and cleaner, longer.

ConstructionAcrylic bathware is constructed of a single, continuous piece of heat-molded acrylic which resists fading, is exceptionally easy to maintain and allows sophisticated designsGelcoat is a polyester coating applied directly to the molds and sealed with a fiberglass and resign mix, which produces a lightweight, beautiful unit.
Warranty25 years on the acrylic5 years on the gelcoat
Thickness3-5 times thicker than the gelcoat layer; is a strong durable product that resists scratches, cracks, chips and spider cracks during the building constructionThinner than acrylic, although it is also lighter and allows for flexibility to adjust to uneven walls during renovation projects
SurfaceNon-porous and resistant to mildew, soap scum, chemical and ferrous water stains.  The color will not fadeEasier to clean than ABS or polypropylene materials
ScratchesScratches can be carefully buffed outScratches can reveal the fiberglass under the gelcoat, and can be repaired by a professional

If you read through the information above and still aren’t sure which one if right for you, just ask!  May Supply will be happy to guide you through the selection process for your new bathroom.