Take Advantage Of Sweeping Views With An Alternative Septic System.
Alternative septic systems give you options when building your home. If your land doesn’t percolate, a traditional septic system isn’t an option. Land with poor percolation rates tend to be located near environmentally sensitive areas. These sites are often rocky, wet, or steep and have some of the most beautiful, wild, and natural land that make your property unique. Build where you want and enjoy the beautiful views of Virginia with a sustainable alternative septic system.
Alternative Septic Systems Are Designed To Work With Your Land.

  1. Talk To An Engineer. When you’re choosing the land on which to build your home, discuss your options with both an architect and engineer trained to design alternative septic systems. You’ll ensure your investment is sound and know your options prior to purchasing the piece of property.
  2. Talk To A Product Specialist. After working with an engineer and architect, contact May Supply for a comprehensive estimate for your project. Our expert team incorporates all the parts and pieces that make your system functional. We combine your alternative septic system with the many other products we carry, including: water treatment, plumbing supplies, rainwater harvesting systems, and irrigation.

Innovative Technologies From American Companies Give You Options.
American designers and manufacturers of alternative septic systems provide innovative solutions to work with the environment in which you want to build. May Supply is proud to carry both Orenco and Microfast, two companies committed to providing dependable systems designed to weather the needs of your home and property.
May Supply Brings High Quality Service With Expert Advice.
Since 1972, May Supply has been a leading provider of supplies and expertise on all things water. Our highly trained and experienced staff take the time necessary to ensure you’re getting the products that work best for your job. Contact us to learn more about the options that work best for your home.
Are You Ready To Learn More About Alternative Septic Systems?