Bacteria Water Test

bacteria water test
Mike Heatwole, CWS VI Lab Supervisor

Bacteria Testing at May Supply Company in Harrisonburg, VA

Does May Supply test for bacteria in water?

Yes!  May Supply has a state-certified bacteriological testing laboratory at our Harrisonburg location.

How do I have my water tested for bacteria?

  1. Come to May Supply counter sales area to pick up a water sample bottle.  You will be given a special sample bottle specifically for the bacteria test and a test form to fill out.  Payment is collected when you drop off the sample.
  2. Follow the sample collection instructions printed on the back of the test form.
  3. Review the lab’s hours and drop-off days so you can plan when to take the sample and bring it back to May Supply.
    • Samples must be brought back to May Supply within 8 hours of when it is taken.  Because the test takes 24 hours to complete, bacteria test samples are only accepted Monday-Thursday.

How long the test take, and how do I find out the results?

  • Bacteria tests will be started by 4:00pm the day the sample is dropped, and will take 24 hours to complete.
  • May Supply will contact you by 4:00pm the following day to give you the results.
  • Any sample dropped off prior to 4:00pm which needs to be started immediately will incur a $15 rush charge, and one of the lab technicians must be notified that it is a rush test when the sample is dropped off.

If my bacteria test comes back positive, what do I do?

  • At that time, one of May Supply’s lab technicians will consult with you to determine the best solution for your individual situation.