Rainwater Collection

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How Crystal-Right CR100 Raises pH

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Tubs and Options for a Bathroom Remodel

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New Toilet? Which Flushing System?

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What is Solar Thermal

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Bidet Seat Benefits and Installation

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Treatment of Iron in Water

When applying water conditioning equipment for treatment of iron in water it is very important to know the exact parameters of the water.  … [continue reading]

Water Treatment Training: Service Call Tips

Ken May, CWS VI with May Supply Company covers service call tips in this water treatment training video.  

UV Water System

A UV Water System is designed to remove harmful bacteria from drinking water, making it safe to drink. A UV system can be … [continue reading]

Up-flush Toilets

What are up-flush toilets and how do they work? The main difference between up-flush toilets and standard fixtures is the discharge system.  The … [continue reading]

ADA Kitchen Design

Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA is a frequently used term, but what does it mean as far as kitchen design? Designing a … [continue reading]

Choosing a Spa Tub: Whirlpool or Air Bath?

Choosing a Spa Tub: Whirlpool or Air Bath? When choosing a spa tub, there are two major categories: whirlpool or air bath.  The … [continue reading]