Geothermal Manifold

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Kitchen Colors

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What is Radon Mitigation?

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Rain Shower Head

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Kitchen Countertop

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Age in Place: Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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Quick (and inexpensive) Kitchen Makeovers

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Hydroclaw for Expansion Tanks

The HydroClaw Expansion Tank Bracket provides a safe and reliable method of mounting your expansion tank. Problem: A water-logged expansion tank creates a … [continue reading]

What is That Reddish-Pink Residue in My Bathroom?

The reddish-pink residue in your bathrooms, on shower stalls, tubs, tile, toilets, sinks and toothbrush holders is caused by the growth of an … [continue reading]

Is It Time To Test Your Well Water?

I am often asked by well owners when is a good time to have your water tested? The recommendation provided by EPA and … [continue reading]

Shenandoah Valley Green Expo

May Supply is proud to be a sponsor for the Shenandoah Valley Builder’s Association’s Green Expo.  This exciting event is an unbeatable resource … [continue reading]

Classy Kitchens 2012

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