Innovative App Keeps Track Of Your Milwaukee Tools.

Save Time And Money! One-Key Keeps Track Of Your Milwaukee Tools. Milwaukee tools are among the most durable options on the market. Professional … [continue reading]

water softener

How Does a Water Softener Work?

Depending on who you talk to, “water softener” 0r “water testing” is either a taboo concept or glorified. Some homeowners welcome the opportunity … [continue reading]


Dehydration on the Job

Did you know? One of the biggest threats to any workplace is dehydration. It’s a threat even to those sitting in an office. … [continue reading]

PEX connection

NEW PEX Easy Install Permanent Connection

Installing PEX may be done in a wide variety of environments, some of which are less than favorable for fitting multiple connections. When … [continue reading]

Milwaukee TRAPSNAKE™

In January, Milwaukee introduced a new tool dubbed the TRAPSNAKE™. It’s a “game-changing new solution for unclogging toilets, urinals, and floor traps for service … [continue reading]


It's a Builder's Market

For the first time in a while, the housing market in the Harrisonburg area has become not only a seller’s market, but a … [continue reading]

water treatment

Filter Before You Treat!

When you find bacteria in your water source, the most popular solution (aside from finding a new water source), is UV water treatment. However, … [continue reading]


PEX vs PE-RT Pipe

At May Supply we carry two brands of flexible piping commonly referred to as PEX and PE-RT. PEX itself stands for the material … [continue reading]

The Moen Garbage Disposal

Why Choose a Moen? Moen recently released a line of Garbage Disposals with quite a few beneficial features. For one, you can now … [continue reading]

WARDFlex products


Why choose WARDFlex MAX over regular WARDFlex? VS Gas lines naturally create static friction as gas runs through them. To correct this issue, … [continue reading]

Flexible Tap Saddles

Flexible Tap Saddles

Flexible Tap Saddles are the faster & less costly way to make sewer main connections. One Fernco Saddle will fit and 6” and … [continue reading]

Kitchen Islands Options from May Supply and Yorktowne Cabinetry

 There are lots of functional and attractive kitchen island options from May Supply and Yorktowne Cabinetry. Interested in remodeling your kitchen, or adding … [continue reading]