August 2015 Sales Tax Holiday

The state of Virginia is having a Sales Tax Holiday on August 7-9, 2015. During the sales tax holiday period, consumers can purchase … [continue reading]

Taco Hot Link

The Taco Hot Link works with your water heater to provide instantaneous hot water at every faucet in your home.  Imagine turning on … [continue reading]

May Supply Wins Award From Viega

Viega recently recognized May Supply Company with an award for outstanding support of Viega products in 2014. May Supply carries many products that … [continue reading]

How To Connect Universal Pex Tubing Onto a Manifold

In this week’s edition of Ask Caleffi, Cody Mack (Technical Support) will give a brief demonstration on how to connect universal pex tubing … [continue reading]

Why Use a Tankless Hot Water Heater

Why Use a Tankless Hot Water Heater?    Noritz tankless heaters: only heat water on demand which lowers energy costs provide an endless … [continue reading]

Caleffi's Radiator Valve Tool

Caleffi Hydronic Solutions offers a full line of valves and accessories for panel radiators.  They also offer one tool that makes installation of … [continue reading]

Hydronics 101 Terminology

A solid foundation for learning a new concept is the terminology associated with that concept.  The Hydronics 101 Terminology and information about BTUs … [continue reading]

Viega's Radiant Estimator App

What’s the easiest way to estimate a radiant heat project?  Viega’s Radiant Estimator App! The Viega Radiant Estimator App is the must-have tool … [continue reading]

What is Solar Thermal

You’ve heard the talk, and maybe seen solar panels installed on a rooftop, but what is solar thermal? Solar thermal heating uses the … [continue reading]

Geothermal Manifold

Watch Caleffi National Training Manager Bob “Hot Rod” Rohr explain and demonstrate the GeoCal™ Geothermal Manifold and other Geothermal components for ground source … [continue reading]