Caring For Your Kitchen Cabinetry

Properly caring for your kitchen cabinetry is a great to way to keep your kitchen looking fabulous! All of the following tips are … [continue reading]

Toto EcoPower

TOTO’s EcoPower faucets and flush valves generate power from running water to save batteries and energy. How does Toto EcoPower work?   from … [continue reading]

Wellborn Cabinetry

May Supply is pleased to now carry the Wellborn line of cabinetry in our kitchen and bath design center. Who is Wellborn Cabinetry? … [continue reading]

Moen Reflex Faucet

Moen has made an  time-saving improvement to the already popular pull-out faucet with the Moen Reflex Faucet; the faucet that puts itself away!  … [continue reading]

May Supply's Commercial Airing in October 2014

Enjoy a sneak preview of May Supply’s new commercial that’s set to air on WHSV:

2014 Fall Harvest Celebration is TODAY

May Supply’s annual Fall Harvest Celebration is going on NOW!!! Our team is suited up and ready to tackle the day!! Win Prizes … [continue reading]

Linkasink Decorative Sinks

Linkasink Decorative Sinks add a unique dimension to your kitchen or bath. From Linkasink proudly offers an assortment of sinks in a … [continue reading]

Bathroom Workbook: 8 Elements of Farmhouse Style

Bathroom Workbook: 8 Elements of Farmhouse Style The American “farmhouse bathroom” is a bit of an oxymoron. Most original farmhouses were built at … [continue reading]

Flood Buzz Pro Low-Cost Water Leak Alarm

The Flood Buzz Pro low-cost water leak alarm is a simple device that alerts a homeowner to a water leak.  This alarm can … [continue reading]

Using a Toto Washlet

Toto’s S300e and S350e Washlets have several advanced features that offer many benefits to the user. Best of all, using a Toto Washlet … [continue reading]

Shower Door Install: DIY or Hire a Professional?

Shower Door Install: DIY or Hire a Professional? Basco Shower Enclosures offers nationwide shower door installation for their exclusive line of Roda and … [continue reading]

What is a Socially Sustainable Bathroom

Independence is frequently lost because of difficulties using the bathroom without assistance.  Universal bathroom design should focus on keeping people independent. The seven … [continue reading]