CSI Signature Control Valve Programming

CSI Signature Control Valve Programming is as easy as setting the time of day and water hardness!   CSI Signature Control Valve Programming … [continue reading]

Water Quality Assocation Gold Seal Certified Products

The Water Quality Association created their Water Quality Assocation Gold Seal Certified Products Program to help consumers choose quality water treatment products that … [continue reading]

Mold in Water Pipes

Mold in Water Pipes I occasionally get asked if it is possible for mold to grow inside of water pipes and filters.  The … [continue reading]

Water Conditioning Applications

Water Conditioning Applications by Kenneth May, CWS-VI Several weeks ago I had lunch with Glenn Gruett.  Glenn is the founder of Water-Right water … [continue reading]

CSI Platinum Certification

On November 6 and 7, 2013, May Supply hosted a CSI Platinum Certification Water Treatment Training Class. The attendees covered many water treatment-related … [continue reading]

Save Energy and Money With Soft Water

reprinted from www.wqa.org. Keep More Money and Use Less Power You may have experienced some of the benefits of softened water – better … [continue reading]

Pesticides in Water

Finding pesticides in water, especially drinking water, is a health concern.  Public water systems monitor pesticide levels; however, if you have a private … [continue reading]

Tankless Water Heaters and Hard Water

Tankless water heaters and hard water aren’t the best combination.  To find out why, let’s start by a simple explanation of how a … [continue reading]

Benefits of a Water Softener

The following study results from the Water Quality Research Foundation highlight the benefits of a water softener. Benefits of Removal of Water Hardness … [continue reading]

Importance of Ultraviolet Bulb Replacement

Do you have a silver box on the wall with plumbing connected to it? Does it emit a strange blue glow? Do you … [continue reading]

How Crystal-Right CR100 Raises pH

I recently went on a quest to understand how Crystal-Right CR100 raises pH. After several e-mail and phone messages here is the answer … [continue reading]

Treatment of Iron in Water

When applying water conditioning equipment for treatment of iron in water it is very important to know the exact parameters of the water.  … [continue reading]