Water Soluble Hydrogen Sulfide Produces A Sulfur Smell In Water.

Water Has Rotten Egg SmellA sulfur smell in water is the result of microbial breakdown of organic material that produces a water soluble gas, hydrogen sulfide. This gas is prevalent in sewers and swamps and produces a smell more pungent when the water table is low. If you’ve been experiencing a dry period and rain is infrequent, you might notice that rotten egg smell more than other times of the year.

Is Hydrogen Sulfide Harmful?

In the typical concentrations of household water, hydrogen sulfide itself is rarely harmful. What makes it a nasty element is the affect the gas has on plumbing parts, especially metals that can corrode. When your metal piping corrodes from hydrogen sulfide, the resulting water is black and can damage silverware, dishes, water softeners, and even washing machines. For these reasons and the rotten egg smell, treating your water is the best option when dealing with hydrogen sulfide.

Effective Water Treatment Systems Eliminate Hydrogen Sulfide From Your Water.

Choosing a water treatment system to deal with foul smelling water can take a significant amount of research or just one resource. The team at May Supply has the technical experience to recommend and supply systems to eliminate harmful elements in your water. When dealing with a sulfur smell in water, we recommend two methods of dealing with hydrogen sulfide:

  • Carbon Filtration. By absorbing the hydrogen sulfide, an activated carbon filter minimizes the unpleasant taste in your water.  As long as you keep changing out the filter, the foul taste and nasty smell will lessen.
  • Aeration. When hydrogen sulfide levels are too high for carbon filtration to be effective, aeration is your next best option. Aeration adds air to water to strip the hydrogen sulfide from the water, minimizing that rotten egg smell.

May Supply Provides The Expertise To Keep Your Water Safe.

At May Supply, we pride ourselves on the knowledge and experience our team provides our clients. We are committed to bringing effective water treatment services and products to our clients in Virginia. Contact a member of our team to learn more.

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