When you find bacteria in your water source, the most popular solution (aside from finding a new water source), is UV water treatment. However, that is not all that goes into treating water with a UV light. Your home most likely needs a full water treatment system with multiple filters for various purposes.
At the very least, when installing a UV system, you need to have a minimum of a 5 micron filter in front of your UV system. This is for a few specific reasons. First we’ll talk about what a micron filter is and does.

Micron Filtration

A micron is a unit of measurement equal to 1 millionth of a meter (Dictionary.com). The smaller measurement associated with the micron filter, the smaller the particle it filters out. So in order to properly set up a UV treatment system, you need a micron filter of 5 or below. Anything below 5 will have a higher filtration rate. So a 20 micron filter, will not be sufficient in front of a UV system. But a .5 micron filter does work in place of the 5 micron filter.

Why why do you need a micron filter in front of a water treatment system?

It’s For Your Protection

The micron filter doesn’t just protect the system from breaking down. It actually protects the users of that water source from the effects of bacteria that may hide behind the particles the micron filter reduces. This means that without that filter set up before the UV system, particles could get into the water entering the UV system. Bacteria would then hide behind those particles, preventing the UV light from hitting them. Therefore, you now have untreated bacteria entering your home.

It’s To Protect Your Purchase

Not only will the micron filter help ensure you treat as much as possible of the bacteria in your water source, but it will also protect your UV system. Our UV products at May Supply all require this micron filter in order to keep the warranty valid. Without that filter, the warranties are void.
In the case of a UV product that may not have this warranty requirement, you are still protecting your system by installing the filter. The micron filter prevents build up in your UV system. This makes it last longer and protects your purchase.
So in all, just make sure you have a micron filter installed in front of the incoming water into your UV system. If you go this route, just make sure that the 5 micron filter and UV system are both after any whole house filtration or water softening systems. The better the water going into the UV system, the more efficiently the UV light becomes.
If you have any questions about water treatment, please contact us!