Choosing A Heat Pump Water Heater Saves You Money!

A heat pump water heater provides an efficient option to heat your home’s water. Heat pump water heaters, also called hybrid electric water heaters, use less electricity because they utilize the ambient heat surrounding the water heater to help warm your water. By taking advantage of the surrounding environment, these heaters provide an efficient option for your home.

A Hybrid Electric Water Heater Works In Conjunction With Its Environment.

Instead of generating heat directly, a heat pump water heater uses electricity to move heat from the surrounding area into the water heater. This method requires certain specifications to ensure your unit works appropriately.

  • Room Size. A heat pump water heater requires a mechanical or storage room 1,000 square feet or bigger to ensure there’s enough air to pull into the unit.
  • Temperature. The temperature of the room needs to be stable between 40 and 90 degrees so unheated crawl spaces aren’t an option. Since these water heaters absorb ambient heat, count on your mechanical room being slightly cooler than other rooms in your home.

A Heat Pump Water Heater Pays For Itself.

By using less electricity, you’ll save money after several years incorporating a heat pump water heater into your home’s design. American Water Heater estimates their hybrid electric unit saves up to 68% of the electricity necessary to run a traditional water heater. In a typical home, this type of water heater pays for itself within 4 years.

May Supply Provides Comprehensive Services For Your Next Project.

May Supply is proud to partner with American Water Heater to distribute heat pump water heaters in Virginia. Our qualified, professional team have the knowledge and resources to provide superior customer service and informed recommendations to homeowners, plumbers, and contractors in our area. Contact a member of our team to learn more about energy efficient water heaters for your next project.

Are You Ready For A Heat Pump Water Heater?