Importance of Ultraviolet Bulb ReplacementDo you have a silver box on the wall with plumbing connected to it? Does it emit a strange blue glow? Do you think it is a water sterilizer? Does it protect you from bacteria in your water supply?  If you aren’t sure of the answers to these questions, I can help you answer this question: What is the importance of ultraviolet bulb replacement?
Many people who live in rural areas and are on wells, may have an ultraviolet light sterilizer connected to their water system. Many people don’t even know they own one.  Perhaps it was installed at a real estate closing to sell the property. Maybe you had one installed but weren’t told that it required yearly maintenance.
Ultraviolet (UV) bulbs have an end of lamp life of 9000 hours (approximately 1 year). They can glow blue for years but, as with all bulbs that weaken over time, they lose their ability to kill germs/bacteria after those first 9000 hours.  In addition to the bulb loosing it’s effectiveness after 9,000, there are other maintenance situations that could arise.  The ballast or power supply will work harder to try to keep compensate for the older/weakened bulb, and will often burn out when you attempt to install and start up a new bulb.   Replacing these parts can get expensive.
While changing the bulb, also clean and inspect the UV sleeve. This is the protective tube that the UV light bulb is inside of. A dirty sleeve can prevent the proper dosage of UV light from inactivating the microorganisms or bugs.
Do yourself a HUGE favor and have your UV system checked out annually by a professional water contractor. Not only is it of utmost importance to replace your ultraviolet bulb on an annual basis but you will save money in the long run, and protect you and your loved ones in the process.
What is the importance of ultraviolet bulb replacement?  Safe drinking water for you and your family, and preventing larger maintenance problems down the road.  For answers to any water treatment questions contact the water experts at May Supply Company.