Ensure Your Sump Pump Is Operational, Even When You’re Not There.

Modern sump pump technology provides innovative tools for everyday living. When heavy rain is falling and water is flooding your basement, your Zoeller sump pump alarm from May Supply will text or email you as soon as the float is activated. Gone are the days when you have to run home to ensure your pump turns on when it should. Go to work, take the kids to school, whatever your day entails, find peace of mind that you’ll be alerted to any complications as soon as they occur.

A Wifi Enabled Alarm Keeps You Informed.

Your sump pump performs an important service to your home. When heavy rains fall and your basement fills with water, you trust your sump pump to pump that water from your home. Zoeller Pump Company is proud to introduce the APak Z Control. Wifi enabled and battery powered, your APak Z control will send you a test, email, or push alert if there is a:

  • Power Outage
  • Low Battery
  • Input 1 or 2 triggers
  • Loss of contact with Z Control (the standard alarm)

With an alarm to keep you informed, Zoeller Pump Company and May Supply give you the tools necessary to take control of your home and monitor your equipment through your phone, tablet, or computer.

When Heavy Rains Threaten Your Home, Visit May Supply For High Quality Sump Pumps.

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