Save Time And Money! One-Key Keeps Track Of Your Milwaukee Tools.

Milwaukee tools are among the most durable options on the market. Professional contractors and tradesmen choose Milwaukee for their design, features, and long lasting dependability. These features make Milwaukee tools valuable investments for your business. Milwaukee is proud to introduce One-Key, an innovative new system designed to keep track of your tools through cloud based management.

  • Tracking Your Tools Has Never Been So Easy: One-Key is a tracking device integrated into your tool that records its location and allows you to lock and disable it remotely. The app will automatically keep record of the last time your tool was within 100 feet of your device, keeping you informed and your employees accountable. Want to keep track of older tools? Milwaukee has you covered with Tick, a separate tracker you can apply to tools and pieces of equipment without the integral One-Key.
  • Stay On Top Of Tools Spread Across Multiple Jobs: When your team is working multiple jobsites at the same time, keeping track of your tools can be a time consuming and expensive process. With a free, downloadable app, you can customize, track, and manage your tool inventory on your phone or tablet. Setup is simple. Once you establish an account, input your tools into the free software and keep up with the transfers. You’ll have a digital catalog of your tools, their use, and their maintenance needs. Save yourself a trip to multiple job sites by keeping track of your investments online through One-Key.

May Supply Carries New Milwaukee Tools With One-Key.

Since 1972, May Supply has been providing plumbing and water system solutions in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and its surrounding areas. We carry new, not refurbished, Milwaukee tools, which are a dependable investment for your business. With One-Key, you’ll be able to maintain your tool inventory and maintenance through your phone. Contact a member of our team to learn more about Milwaukee tools and the features that make them so innovative.

Are You Ready For Milwaukee Tools With One-Key?