Have you heard the news?  MegaPress is coming to May Supply in Harrisonburg and Ruckersville!
From Viega’s website:

The only carbon steel press joining solution for hydronic applications, Viega MegaPress features a black EPDM sealing element and is suitable for use with ASTM Schedule 5 to Schedule 40 black iron pipe and NFPA 13, 13D and 13R fire sprinkler systems. With system-matched tools and jaws, you can make connections in less than seven seconds, reducing installation time up to 60 percent with no threading or cutting oils.

You don’t need to shut a system down completely before making connections because you can install Viega MegaPress fittings while the system is live. It is ideal for new installations or for integrating into existing systems.
Viega MegaPress is approved for more applications than any other carbon steel press fitting system, and makes secure connections you can trust. Not only do you eliminate cleanup on the job with Viega MegaPress, you also reduce callbacks. Innovative Viega press technology joins black iron pipe securely through the engineered design of the fittings and the use of the press tool. Lastly, no more manual tightening is needed and that allows you to relax when the job is over, confident that every connection is secure.

MegaPress Certifications

MegaPress Warranty

MegaPress has 10 year warranty. Click here to read Viega’s full MegaPress warranty policy.