Installing PEX may be done in a wide variety of environments, some of which are less than favorable for fitting multiple connections. When you’re on a ladder, in a tight space, or just have hundreds of connections to make, the new SmartClick™ permanent connection from Legend provides an easy solution for all your PEX needs.
SmartClick™ is five times faster to install than conventional PEX fittings, and you don’t need to use any tools. So when you’re down in that crawl space or making connections between joists and you need something that will connect fast and easily, you know is permanently locked in place and is rated for the specifications of the PEX application, SmartClick™ is your answer.
The SmartClick™ connection system is the only one that you can easily visually verify that your connection is secure. “Through the sight glass you will see that the retention wedge has been displaced from the clamp.” –Legend
There is also a spring steel clamp in the middle that ensures contant clamping pressure. This feature reinforces the strength of the connection and prevents weakening over time.

“SmartClick™ meets or exceeds all standards and requirements for potable water systems. It is for use in potable water plumbing and hydronic systems utilizing PE-RT (ASTM F 2769) or PEX (ASTM 876/877). SmartClickTM is patented and is exclusively from Legend.” –Legend

smart click
SmartClick™ major body components are made of polyphenylsulfone (PPSU). PPSU is extremely durable and commonly used in the plumbing industry. The clamp and wedge are made of spring steel.

So what?

Basically, we have a new product for you to try out! Find more information on the SmartClick™ website.
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