pexAt May Supply we carry two brands of flexible piping commonly referred to as PEX and PE-RT. PEX itself stands for the material the pipe is made from, cross-linked polyethylene. At May Supply we carry ViegaPEX tubing and Oil Creek Heatflex PE-RT Pipe. The Oil Creek Heatflex PE-RT pipe is made from DOWLEX™ 2433 Polyethylene Copolymer Resin. But the differences don’t stop there…

ViegaPEX Tubing

ViegaPEX tubing is made for potable water systems. It has an NSF-pw rating. The NSF-pw rating means “the product is approved for use in continuous domestic hot water circulation systems with up to 140°F water temperatures and has a maximum UV rating of 6 months.” (Viega)
This tubing has temperature and pressure ratings of 160 PSI @ 73°F and 100 PSI @ 180°F. It can be used in “continuously-recirculating” plumbing systems at up to 140°F while maintaining its resistance to chlorine.

Oil Creek HeatFlex PE-RT Pipe

Oil Creek’s HeatFlex pipe is made for many applications including closed loop systems and radiant heating. The difference between the PEX and the PE-RT pipe is that the PE-RT has the NSF-rfh rating, meaning it is approved for use in radiant heat systems. This is due to its EVOH oxygen barrier. The EVOH oxygen barrier safeguards your radiant heat system from oxidation.
PE-RT pipe from Oil Creek Plastics operates at 200 PSI @ 73°F and 100 PSI @ 180°F. It has a limited lifetime warranty and is made from recyclable material. That means, it’s also earth-friendly.

Choosing Between the Two

As with most products, choosing between the two pipe brands and materials will depend on what you want out of it and what you are using it for. Application should be the basis for your choice. Domestic hot and cold water systems are going to call for PEX. Radiant heat and boilers will need PE-RT.

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