Radiant Heat Provides An Efficient Heating Source For Your Home.

radiant heat in garageRadiant heat functions through hydronics or by electricity. Hydronic radiant heating is generated by running hot water through plastic tubing, under your flooring. Electric radiant uses heating cables to warm the floor above. Electric radiant is primarily used to heat individual rooms, like a kitchen or bathroom. Hydronic radiant systems can heat a whole home. Hydronic radiant provides comfortable and consistent heating that’s perfect for open concept homes. If you’re considering radiant heating for your home, make sure you discuss your options with a qualified and experienced contractor. They’ll be able to make suggestions and recommendations on the heat source you use and the type of flooring you need.

Why Radiant Heat Is Perfect For Your Home.

There are many advantages to using hydronic radiant heating in your home. Here’s just a few:

  • Consistent Temperature. With hydronic radiant heating, there’s never a point when the system turns on and off as there is with forced air heating. You’ll experience consistent temperatures as warm water heats the flooring below your feet.
  • Allergen Free. Radiant heating doesn’t use ducting. This means there isn’t an opportunity for allergens to disperse through dusty, ductwork.
  • Less Bulk. Eliminating some ductwork from your home allows for a more open concept look and feel.
  • Quiet. Since radiant heat does not turn on and off, it’s a relatively quiet system.

Hydronic radiant heating is an innovative and dependable heating source for your home. While it’s less expensive to add to new home construction, with the proper budget and appropriate contractor, you can add radiant heating to your existing home.

May Supply’s Experienced Team Provides Comprehensive Estimates.

Our team at May Supply is well trained and experienced designing and quoting hydronic radiant systems for homes in Virginia and parts of West Virginia. With just your house plans, we can provide an approximate estimate on the cost of the materials and make suggestions on contractors experienced and skilled at installing your system. Contact us to learn more about the products and services that make us your best resource.

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