Rainwater Collection Is Smart And Economical.

Rainwater Collection
Rainwater collection systems are a smart solution to supplying graywater for your home or business. You can use rainwater to flush toilets, water gardens and yards, or even pressure wash your home. Using the water you collect lowers your dependency on your well or municipality and decreases the ecological impact of heavy rainfall by minimizing erosion and contamination of your water supply. The opportunities are endless and the costs are minimal when you implement a rainwater collection system into your home or business.

What To Consider When Implementing A Rainwater Collection System.

Harvesting the rain already falling on our community is an environmentally friendly approach to both preserving and capitalizing on our natural resources. While costs can be minimal in the grand scheme of the project, there are certain parameters to keep in mind to design your system for efficiency and storage. At May Supply, we have experience designing and supplying rainwater collection systems in our community. Here are some aspects to consider when you’re planning your project:

  • Location. What is the best location to collect rainwater? Rainwater is more easily collected where it doesn’t currently saturate the ground, typically from the downspouts off the roof.
  • Storage. What is the best location to store rainwater? Rainwater can be stored in an above ground and underground tank. Underground tanks are typically more expensive, but they keep the water cool and are less likely to experience a buildup of bacteria. Above ground tanks are less expensive, but can crack and are more likely to freeze.
  • Filtration. Do I need to filter my rainwater? It’s not a bad idea to add a pre-screen filter to your tank. This filter w
    ill collect leaves and sticks that might fall into your tank.

May Supply’s Talented Team Helps Design Your System.

Since 1972, May Supply has been providing plumbing and water system products up and down the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and the surrounding areas. We specialize in the unique and innovative options that minimize our environmental impact. Contact a member of our team to discuss your options today.

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