water softenerWater Testing Gives You The Information Necessary To Treat Your Water.

Water treatment is a necessity for most homeowners and business owners in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and West Virginia. The rocky foundation of our region makes for hard, mineral rich water that can collect on dishes, in laundry machines, and damage your skin and hair. The professionals at May Supply offer standard chemical analysis and bacteria testing from our state certified lab in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Learn what’s in your water so you can treat it effectively and minimize its impact on your home and family.

When Should I Consider Water Testing?

There are many aspects affecting the quality of your water:

  • Age. The age of your well can affect the water your family drinks.
  • Pipes. The pipes running to your home can affect the water your family drinks.
  • Community. The agricultural community in which we live affect the water your family drinks.

The Virginia Department of Health recommends you test your well water yearly for total coliform bacteria which, if present, is an indication of the presence of more dangerous bacteria. Testing your water isn’t just necessary for those with wells. It’s never a bad idea to test the city water with which you’re cooking and drinking to ensure it meets the parameters established by the Environmental Protection Agency. Compare your results with the drinking water standards created by the EPA to ensure your water is up to par.

How Do I Eliminate Harmful Bacteria From My Water?

There are many different types of water treatment systems designed to eliminate or minimize the presence of harmful bacteria in your water. From UV light treatment to chlorine disinfection, qualified water treatment professionals can recommend the option that works best for your home’s water needs. The professionals at May Supply are experienced at reading the results of your water test and designing a system to eliminate harmful contaminants.

May Supply’s State Certified Lab Tests Your Water For Contamination.

At May Supply, we provide state-certified water testing for homeowners and business owners in Virginia. Along with analyzing your water, we’ve built a reputation for providing comprehensive water treatment services in Virginia. Contact a member of our team to discuss water testing and the treatment services we offer to eliminate harmful bacteria from your water.

Are You Ready For State Certified Water Testing?