Choosing a Spa Tub: Whirlpools versus Air Baths?

WhirlpoolsWhen choosing a spa tub, there are two major categories: whirlpool or air bath.  The differences in the two are minor but could be deciding factors.


  • Have jets that can be positioned at your feet, back, and sides.  This is good for medical purposes and can help with circulation to the targeted areas.
  • Use a pump to circulate the water; the more jets the tub has, the larger the motor will be. The motor can be noisy, but the options for a quieter motor are becoming more prevalent
  • The water jet system can grow bacteria or mold if it is used infrequently, and should be cleaned regularly.
  • The jets circulate bath water, so using any type of bath salts, oils or soaps is not recommended.

Air Systems:

  • Have a very different feel from whirlpools; air baths circulate air and bubbles rather than water.
  • Use a compressor, with a quieter motor compared to whirlpools.
  • Because air tubs are circulating air rather than water from the tub, using bath salts, oils, and soaps will not harm the jet system

May Supply displays and carries multiple types and brands of tubs:

If you’re interested in some type of spa/whirlpool/air/soaking tub, but need some help to narrow down your options, we can help!  Our consultants are happy to walk you through the selection process to help you choose a tub that fits your needs.